International Conference and Summer School’2019 Cities are a melting pot of new forms of sociability and collective action founded on an association between humans and digital technologies.
FEEL I gets its’ inspiration from SEEK, and explores the sensitivity of KUKA LBR iiwa as a way of reaction to context.
Musical Morphogenesis is an interactive installation that translates to sound, movement and lights the dynamics behind the development of petals in a flower.
Kine[SiS]tem – From Kinesis + System. Kinesis is a non-linear movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus.
In a world where the boundaries between architecture, digital design, technology and computation become everyday fader provokes the rise of new solutions for architectural spaces.
O Vitruvius FabLab do ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, em parceria com a BEE Very Creative está a promover um conjunto de oficinas de impressão 3D.
From Collaborative Design to Digital Fabrication
A generative process
Laboratório de Intervenção em Arquitectura
O Workshop Pequenos & Atelier consiste em educar através da acção – aprender fazendo.