The VitruviusFabLab-IUL (VFABLAB) is one equipped digital fabrication laboratory that gives you the opportunity to develop your ideas and create prototypes for new products.

In addition to our top notch equipment, the VFabLab provides you assistance in every step from CAD drawing to 3D modeling and fabrication principles, through a well expertise team of professionals. The VFABLAB contains everything you need to produce accurate 3D models and prototypes of various materials and sizes. Beyond the CNC and light machinery areas, you can rent the computing area for presentations or discussions in our hangar. Complementary to the laboratory facilities, we provide a multitude of services to cover your every need. Be it a conference, a workshop, a book launch, an art installation or a coffee-break, the VFabLab can accomondate you.

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A community group or an organization that needs a space to meet and to develop new ideas, build teams or make something incredible, the VFABLAB is here for you! 

No matter if you are into arts, crafts, sports or science, EVERYBODY is welcome!  

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If you’re a school or an educational organization that needs a space to develop new ideas, get advice on how to enhance technical skills and to build prototypes, the VFABLAB is the right place for you. 

With the use of new technology, VFABLAB develops creative applications for education. The VFABLAB does experiments with new technologies through projects and transfers this knowledge to a range of services for education and the cultural sector. Currently VFABLAB has the ongoing Pequenos&Atelier Workshop, that provides children between 6 and 10 years old one approach to iconic architecture through the use of digital Fabrication technology. Check for our Pequenos&Atelier Workshop in our Projects tab!



If you have an idea, a project that you want to construct or receive some inputs, come and talk with us!

On the Open Day (Monday’s) everybody is welcome to join our VFABLAB present ideas and projects! Is a great opportunity to meet expertise’s from different areas! Mondays are our open day where everybody is welcome to drop by for general information, more specific questions, familiarizing with the production methods and more.